The District takes student privacy seriously and is committed to the responsible handling of student data. While we believe in the value of modern web-based applications and their utility in the classroom, we also believe that student privacy should not be compromised.

California has some of the most stringent student privacy legislation in the country. To ensure both legal compliance and the protection of student data, the District is a proud member of the California Student Privacy Alliance (CSPA). The CSPA is a coalition of 195 California school districts that aims to improve best practices surrounding student privacy. A central component of this alliance is the California Student Data Privacy Agreement (CSDPA). Simply put, this agreement is a written commitment by a vendor that student data will be handled appropriately and in accordance with all State and Federal laws. Our practice is to strongly prefer vendors who are willing to sign this agreement. If a vendor will not sign, their product will not be approved for use in our classrooms and an alternative will be found.

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Relevant Board Policies

Vendor List

Below is a list of products and their approval status for use in our classrooms. This list will be updated regularly.