Thank you to the members of our community who participated and shared their perspectives at the Board meeting. While many differing viewpoints were shared, we are pleased that common ground did emerge. Parent voices matter to us tremendously, and we are grateful that despite differences of opinion, we were able to focus our attention on doing what is best to support our students. More than ever, our young people need a safe place to learn and grow.

On-campus student clubs are and will continue to be a vital part of the culture at our schools. Now that we have returned from winter break, it will be a top priority to ensure that clubs like UBU will continue to be available to students, and that our policies pertaining to student clubs are clear, communicated, and effective.

We will share more information with our families once staffing and guidelines have been finalized and bring the first draft of an updated Board policy on student clubs to an upcoming Board meeting. Again, thank you to everyone for your active involvement in our schools.