All children who reside in the Spreckels Union School District boundaries and are of school age are eligible to register beginning March 1, 2021. For further information or to schedule a registration appointment, please contact Jennifer Pollock at 831-455-2550 x317 or [email protected]

To enroll a child in the Spreckels Union School District, a parent or guardian must provide the following documents:

  • Student birth certificate
  • Student immunization ecords

As least two of the following are required to establish residency:

  1. Property tax payment receipts
  2. Rental property contract, lease, or payment receipt
  3. Utility service (i.e. PG & E) contract, statement, or payment receipt
  4. Pay stub
  5. Voter registration
  6. Correspondence from government agency
  7. Declaration of residency executed by the student’s parent/guardian
  8. If the student is an unaccompanied youth as defined in 42 USC 11434a, a declaration of residency executed by the student.
  9. If the student is residing in the home of a caregiving adult within the District boundaries, an affidavit executed by the caregiving adult in accordance with Family Code 6552.