We are excited to announce that our annual Paper Round-Up can now be completed online through our SchoolWise parent portal. This is the same portal that you may have previously used to view your student’s grades, assignments, and CAASPP scores.

Create a Parent Portal Account

If you already have a SchoolWise parent portal account, you can skip to the “Online Registration” section below.

To register:

  1. Browse to susd.schoolwise.com
  2. Click “Parent Signup”
  3. Select the second option — “I have a child enrolled here but do not have an activation code”
  4. Complete the form. Your data needs to match what we have on file.

Once you have submitted the form, keep an eye open for an activation email. Once you have activated your account, you will have access to the parent portal to view your student’s information and complete the online paperwork round-up.

Online Registration

SchoolWise has provided a wonderful “walk-through” guide for the online registration process. To summarize:

  1. Browse to susd.schoolwise.com  and login to your account
  2. Click “Online Registration”. You will see two packets to be completed. A household info packet and a student info packet. If you have multiple students enrolled with us, you will need to complete a student info packet for each.
  3. Complete the forms and submit to the school for review.


If you have any questions, or require any assistance with this process, please contact Travis Baraki (831-455-2550 x315; [email protected]).