Good Morning 7th Grade Families,

Our kids have had a great day at Rancho el Chorro! Half of them went out on the Ocean Adventure Day to Morro Bay to check out Morro Rock and tidepools. They also did a squid dissection, met some invertebrate residents, and learned about many ocean critters!

The other half of our students participated in the Hill hike, up and over to the Musical Rocks, the Wonder of Water (WOW) hike, or the Earth Rocks hike. Students learned about the water cycle and watersheds, Earth’s geology and plate tectonics, and toured the different ecosystems around camp on the Hill hike.

This evening, they experienced either Fun & Games or the Night Hike, depending on what they did Monday evening. Tomorrow, the other half of our students will attend the Ocean Adventure Day! Check out pictures from today here.

The kids are enjoying the naturalists, food, and fun activities! We’re looking forward to tomorrow!

– Mrs. Baraki