The students of Buena Vista’s student-driven composting and gardening crew were recognized at our Dec. 10th board meeting. While many students assist Mrs. Powers with recycling, composting, and campus beautification at lunch, these students were recognized for being self-starters and contributing without being asked.

During lunch, they help direct recyclables and compostable material into the proper bins. Sealed food items that would have otherwise been disposed of are collected and shared with students who might not have a lunch that day. The compost is also watered and turned as needed. Once ready, the compost is used in campus beautification projects. Garden beds and succulents have been planted using the compost. Additionally, plastic clam-shells are used to create indoor mini-greenhouses.

Thank you to Joaquin Muncy Silva, Hannah James, Winter Micheli Starling, Austin Bellew, Gianni Combs Garbaldi, Mitchell Kiley, Caleb Olguin, Donovan Dominguez, Chad Ordonez, and Jason Ussery for your outstanding contributions around campus.